Ticket to Ride

The bags are packed. Just enough stuff to pack the Mini to capacity, so difficult choices have been made about what is important and what can be left behind. Farewells have been said and last suppers eaten (several times).

The plan is this:

20 March: leave home, overnight stay in Kent.  21 March: Eurotunnel to France. Drive through France, Switzerland and Italy. Not all in a day of course. Overnight stops will be made as necessary.  25 March: Arrive in Spello, Umbria. Magic Spello. At least we are hoping it will be magic.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Go forward and make your dreams come true.” That’s a good start.


10 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride

  1. Hazel

    Donna fortunata, quanto invidio te che stai coronando un sogno; ti auguro buon viaggio; non vedo l’ora di leggere il tuo blog (e di leggere le tue recensioni sui libri che ti sei portata….. quanto vorrei avere il tempo di leggere e recensire libri). L’invito vale ancora, se ti trovi a passare vicino Bonn, sei sempre benvenuta. Basically “You lucky lady, I am very envious that you are following your dream, safe arrival and I look forward to reading the blog (and the paperback reviews – oh to have the time) as ever if anywhere near Bonn ………
    I also had a short!! lesson in grammer in order to write this to you. Were you aware I could have used Tu, Lei or Voi – and I thought German was difficult.

  2. Claire

    Hello my lovelies!How’s it going?!Willem and I were guessing at your whereabouts today-hoping you have found some lovely pit stops en route. I look forward to hearing how it’s going and am thinking of you both. Is it ok if I send Willem the link to your blog? You know he’ll be interested in your escapades. Love from me and Tim. Hugs xxxx

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Ha! At the end there is always a new beginning…..no trips to Spello planned this year, but maybe I will post some photos on my Indifferent Reflections blog….


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