River Deep, Mountain High

After the flat plains of yesterday, today we have driven through some spectacular scenery, through the verdant, round-topped Vosges Mountains and over rivers on high viaducts. Entering Switzerland at Basle, there were a few tricky manoeuvres before we cleared the city and were once again treated to lush green pastures. Then the Alps hoved into view; magnificent peaks still covered in snow, picture postcard perfect at every turn. In Lucerne we found a hotel straight out of the Grand Tour right on the shore of the lake. Junior suite, balcony overlooking the lake….didn’t take much persuading to settle in for 2 nights, but I did negotiate the price down of course. 


5 thoughts on “River Deep, Mountain High

  1. Liz and Tony

    Sounds wonderful! You’ve picked just the right time to go as it’s wet, cold and miserable here. We envy you every second of your adventure. Nearest we’ll come to anything continental is a French film with subtitles at Kilmersdon village hall tonight. Ah we’ll, we can dream! X


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