Mary Don’t You Weep

Italy is a Catholic country. Around 90% of the population – so about 57 million people – describe themselves as Catholic, although not all practice their faith. Good Friday (Venerdi Santo) is marked throughout Italy by parades to remember the Passion of Christ. Spello is no exception, so the streets of the old town were closed to traffic (a blessing in itself!) and candles were lit throughout the streets. Our entrance looked enchanting.

Entrance to the Nunnery by candlelight.

Entrance to the Nunnery by candlelight.

The  historic centre exhibited large paintings of each of the 14 Stations of the Cross, and this formed the route for the evening procession (Via Crucis d’Autore). The crowds (hundreds of people) followed behind the group of priests and church officials. The local mayor and polizia were also present.

One of the Stations of the Cross, Spello

One of the Stations of the Cross, Spello

The Leaders of the Good Friday Procession

The Leaders of the Good Friday Procession

At each Station of the Cross the procession halted and extracts from the Gospel were read. Then the main priest – with his microphone in hand – led the followers in prayers and singing as they walked to the next Station.

We are not religious, but we are keen to experience the local traditions, and so we joined in with the procession (though not the prayers and singing!) around the steep streets in the shadow of churches and other buildings; those stones have overseen processions like this for hundreds of years, and hopefully will continue to do so for many more. A moving evening.

18 thoughts on “Mary Don’t You Weep

  1. Cathy

    What a magical place and time! Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Love from this neck of the woods. xx

  2. Jen

    So glad you’re having a wonderful time and are practising your Italian. Love the beautiful shot of the steps in the candlelight. Can’t wait to read your next post (please eat some rosemary bread for me!) xxx

  3. Christine

    Looks and sounds fabulous! I hope a hoist/donkey is provided to get you both up all those steps! Looking forward to the next chapter! C x

  4. Helen

    …..on reflection she is probably turning in er grave at some of the conversations we have let alone the wine.


    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Yes, Easter here is more about chocolate so it is good to experience passion and tradition, even if you don’t share those views. It was such a cold Easter that year and it didn’t improve for many weeks, but I will always cherish those first few new experiences.


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