Car Jamming

Does the traffic where you live drive you mad? How I detested those commuter days when it felt as though I spent more time behind the wheel than at home. How I love driving down quiet country roads with no real destination, and fast highways with arrival on my mind.

I garnered this piece of advice from an Italian website ( I have reproduced it here word for word.

“If you are not used to driving on the right, one might venture to suggest that the ring road is not the best place to learn. Just remember to keep your foot down, flash your lights at all sluggards and keep immaculate lane discipline and you will be swept along by the tide.”

Apart from the main towns, Umbrian roads are generally quiet and driving can often be a pleasure. As non-residents we are not entitled to park within Spello’s town walls so we leave our car in a spot with a stunning view. But we, and countless others, can drive right through the tiny, winding Spello streets – quite a challenge in some places.

Traffic jam, Spello style….


Breathe in….


The perils of squeezing past…..


Underneath the arches…Smart parking.

Spello, Bob/Helen's smart car, smartly parked!

And not so smart parking….

DSC_0249 - Version 2

A tight turn….


Another fine mess you’ve got me into….


Only just room for the mirrors….


Maybe we should think about alternative forms of transport?


4 thoughts on “Car Jamming

  1. Flora Marriott

    There’s nothing quite like Italian driving and parking. It kind of works though, in a Wacky Races sort of way. I like the directness of it.


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