Up on the Roof

Whilst many of my previous posts have concerned themselves with the beautiful town of Spello: its art, its architecture, its food and drink and its people, I have not yet given you a glimpse inside our apartment here. When I say “our” apartment, I mean that in a temporary, passing sense. It has been our home for the last 3 months, but soon we will have to surrender the keys and it will become somebody else’s home for a period of time, and so on.

Nunnery entrance steps

The apartment is right in the heart of the historic centre of Spello. The building was an old church, annexed to a 13th century convent where followers of Saint Clare of Assisi lived. The magnificent doorway above leads into the old cloisters, via a cool passageway where some of the convent’s wine bottles can still be found.


The cloisters are now a private garden, enclosed by the surrounding buildings that once formed the church and convent complex. What stories these old walls could tell, if only they could speak to us of times past.

Nunnery Apartment courtyard

Nunnery Apartment view

And so from the cloisters up to the bell tower of the old church to our apartment. There are no bells here now, but the bells of the many churches of Spello can be heard in harmonious chorus throughout the day and early evening.

The kitchen area is modern, with dishwasher and cooker and room for 4 to eat comfortably.

Spello, Apartment, Kitchen/Diner

At the other end of this main room is the lounge area, with a sofa, a real fire and a satellite TV which, incidentally, we have not watched. The sunset is far more interesting.

Spello, Apartment, Lounge

Everything is tasteful, with clean lines and no clutter.


A modern bathroom with shower and 2 double bedrooms completes our accommodation. Almost.

Spello, Apartment, Main Bedroom




There is a very special, private terrace at the top of the bell tower. Take a look at the magnificent views from every direction.





From here we have watched the sun rise and set, we have listened to the birdsong and been entranced by the waves of low-flying swifts. We have seen the weather change over the mountains, bathed in sunlight here and raining in other hill towns nearby, and vice versa. We have heard hymns sung as religious processions passed by and heard the Spello band as it marched musically through the streets below.

This has been a real home to us: a place to cook and to eat, a refuge from torrential rain and blazing sun, a quiet place to read, a place where our laughter has echoed often.

Our hosts have been perfect – there to help when needed, full of advice on restaurants, places to visit and local events. If you want to see more photos or are interested in spending time here, the website link is below. It is still under construction at the moment, but will soon be updated with more information.



10 thoughts on “Up on the Roof

  1. Helen

    Well I never knew Terry was a Clarins man …explains that ‘babies bottom’ skin complexion!!!!

  2. Helen

    ha ha….I did mean on his face you know! Hope there will be a few more posts before you leave?

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Yes, I am desperately trying to catch up with posts before we leave, then I will continue to blog on the homeward journey, largely unplanned as yet, but probably taking in Switzerland and France, so lots more to come.

      1. Kirstin

        Well I probably would mind the steps at the end of a long day, but sitting on the balcony with a glass of something and the view would make it all worth it.

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