Sun It Rises


Early to rise, pale morning wrapped in mist….


Over the mountains the sun it rises.  Shadow dancing, peeping, creeping….


….the light painting the cloud-cloak a rich gold….


A burnished halo, breathtaking, fleeting….


Elusive still. The sun is up, the cock crows, the church bells peal. Come now, awaken the town with the promise of another day!


8 thoughts on “Sun It Rises

  1. maryshoobridge Post author

    Anthony, I think I do win! These joys await you when you quit the rat race! I like nothing better than the cool, clear air of a morning full of expectation. Take care my friend.

  2. maryshoobridge Post author

    Thanks Otto – much appreciated. We were positioned on the terrace at the top of an old bell tower where we stayed, in the crisp, dark morning air. The sun rose slowly as we watched, allowing us to take dozens of shots – a magical experience.


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