Rainbow Valley


 “And sometimes you realise the value of the rain by knowing how unreliable and vanishing the rainbow is.” NUR BE DEIR


 “Where does the rainbow end, in your soul or on the horizon?” PABLO NERUDA


 “I’d rather see the world as a rainbow than endless shades of grey.” AMANI ABBAS


There’s a land that I’ve dreamed of, and dream of still. A place that lets me go, yet doesn’t. A town that constantly tugs my mind back, back to its rosy stones. Spello, magic Spello, I am even now conjuring up my reappearance!

“You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.” CHARLIE CHAPLIN


28 thoughts on “Rainbow Valley

      1. Dormis Aeternitas

        you’re welcome! I love rainbows – they follow me wherever I go… Great photos!

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Campari Girl there must be a million places in England I don’t know! Spello is such a small Umbrian town that it is easy to overlook, but once experienced it is never forgotten.

  1. Pamela

    Just such a lovely Blog…the photographs, the words ,just beautiful….I kind of wish I was coming back to Italy and not going to France on Wed, but don’t know France as well as Italy ,apart from Paris, and I believe its beautiful too. Hope that wasn’t your last entry Mary. Have a great weekend xxx

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Thanks Pamela for your kind words. That was my last entry until we return to Spello which, hopefully, will not be too long. Meantime, feel free to check out my other blog (link below) where I aim to a write about interesting trips in the UK and elsewhere. Enjoy France – the Dordogne is a very lovely region and should be perfect at this time of year.


    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Thanks Constance – it was an amazing experience. Spello has lots of thunderstorms due to its position on the side of a mountain. Rain can arrive without notice, but even the hardest downpour is often over quickly and rewarded by stunning cloud formations and rainbows.

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Thanks Moonswoon. I appreciate your kind words. The weather in Spello was so changeable, and we had many uplifting storms. Rainbows made them all worthwhile though.

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Thanks Ishita. Umbria is indeed beautiful. I think it is often overlooked but I am so pleased to have found it. I am packing my bags to go back there this week so look out for more posts!


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