Street Life

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Baby You Can Drive My Car

In the warm autumn sunshine, Spello attracts few tourists and can often be quiet and still. The restaurants with their delicious dishes celebrating local food and wines remain open, the scent of herbs wafting from their busy kitchens. The cafes still spill out onto the pavements where the afternoons drift lazily by, fuelled by strong coffee and Aperol spritz.

Paws for Thought

Paws for Thought, Spello

On the street, life continues on. The children are back at school now, and in the early mornings and afternoons their excited chatter echoes in the narrow passageways. Workers continue to improve the road surface, vehicles squeezed into the narrow streets, blocking any traffic.

Parking Problems?

Parking Problems? Spello

In the town square, old men sit chatting whilst old women fill their baskets with ingredients for dinner. A Fiat 500 (cinquecento) – ideal for the narrow roads – screeches past, its distinctive engine stutter and rattle a regular sound here on the street.

For Ishita, as promised!

For Ishita, as promised!

During the afternoon pausa, shutters are closed and the sound of clattering plates and talking can be heard from the cool interiors. Now and then people stroll by, keeping to the shade of the buildings.

Strolling, Spello

Strolling, Spello

In nearby Montefalco, even the statues have sunglasses to protect them in the heat of the day…

Blues Brothers Chef, Montefalco

Blues Brothers Chef, Montefalco

….and these young girls look cool as they whizz around the medieval villages with a scooter tutor….

Scooting, Montefalco

Scooting with a Scooter Tutor, Montefalco

But even on the warmest day there is often a hint of rain in the air, as the clouds gather over nearby Mount Subasio. Armed for any weather, this wonderful friend is all smiles….

One of my Crew, Spello

One of my Crew, Spello

How can a day be so perfect? Perhaps you have a perfect day too?


Blue Remembered Hills, Spello


11 thoughts on “Street Life

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Thanks Otto. You wrote some time ago about being aware of things happening around you but not directly in your view sometimes and the blue car shot was just like that for me. There it was as I swung round and I had just one chance to capture it. I am pleased that I managed to capture a little of the essence of Spello.

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Why thank you Thom. I will shortly publish my final post for this series which contains 2 of the photos I am most proud of during this visit. I do love to show street life. Nice to hear from you.

  1. swamiyesudas

    That is a BE-OOO-TI-FULL account, my Dear Mary. Superb Photographs, Lively Commentary! Paws for thought, and that Really Cheering Smile of Your Friend! Not only enjoyed it, but am sitting straighter! Energized! Kudos and Thanks. 🙂

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