Chance Meeting


On our first night we planned a quiet evening at a favourite restaurant with good food and a little local wine to wash it down with. But this is Spello and anything can happen.

No sooner had we poured the wine than a familiar face appeared at the window. Maestro Elvio Marchionni had arrived with two of his friends, fellow artists originally from Armenia and Germany, but both living in Italy for many years. Fuelled by copious amounts of wine and much artistic passion, spanning laughter, tears and a little grumpiness, the evening was a lively affair.

I have written about Elvio Marchionni before and much admire his work. He is a man who lives for his art and his hands are never still. By the end of the evening he had covered the paper tablecloth with drawings which we were fortunate to be gifted. Another magical evening in magic Spello.

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