Food Glorious Food

There are many reasons to visit Italy. It is a country full of history, art and magnificent architecture. It has an endless coastline with aquamarine seas, long stretches of untrodden sand and craggy cliffs. Its people are warm, welcoming, noisy and passionate. But if you love good food and wines, then perhaps that’s enough of a reason to come here.

Find a quiet bar with a fabulous view and pause with a prosecco….

….or stop in a welcoming wine bar to smell the roses….

….and taste some local meats and cheeses….

Try somewhere new, and sample olive oils from all over Italy. Peppery, lemony, spicy….

….perfectly matched with a panzanella that’s as pretty as a picture….

….or tender steak tartare with liver pate and tomato salad….

….and melting  artichokes like petal-strewn bells….

Pass the cutlery please!

With special thanks to Bar Bonci, Vinosofia and Extra Vergine OLeOteca, all proud Spello bars.


4 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. pammyspeople


    I did leave a lengthy comment the other day but don’t seem to see it anywhere so will do again !!

    So wonderful to hear from you again, I remember you both so very well and the magical time I spent with you and your husband one day when I met you both in Spello. If you recall I was staying in Perugia at the time, and you were up in the apt with all the steps. We had a magical evening drinking Grappa, least I was, in that cute little bar.We chatted about everything and anything and I stayed in touch as you were there for 3 months.

    So hope you are both well, you were and most probably still are, a super couple.
    Sending you greetings from London,and Congratulations on your amazing blog and photos.
    I’m in the process of writing a book at present ,and did a blog

    Lots of Love to you both


    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Hi Pamela – we remember you and the time we spent together very well. It is great to hear from you again. Apologies but your previous comment clearly didn’t arrive. Good to hear about your book project and blog which is excellent. Keep in touch.


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