Italian Bites

The Trim.

A trim please” I said in my best Italian to the stylist, large and mad with tattoos, reinforcing it with finger and thumb in a suitable gesture.

She was over-zealous; lengths of hair carpeted the salon floor. And I was left – from every angle – looking

Like a warning triangle.


At Spello.

Night falls, like a weightless charcoal gauze

Throwing the buildings into bas relief,

Leaving only the sounds of the soft-calling birds

To plot my place on this slumbering earth.

Waking, the sun already high

Touches me with her cool warmth,

And the cloudless sky, blue as the endless ocean,

Stretches into infinity.


Where’s the gym? I must keep trim.

No need to fear – the gym’s right here!

Spello town


The day dawns, sun bright.

My mellow Spello fellow

basks in its warm light.


Present tense, perfect tense, very tense, makes no sense.

I don’t know, no lo so. Turn to mime, every time. 

4 thoughts on “Italian Bites

  1. Kay

    Just make sure Terry doesn’t get arrested if he’s miming ‘I’d like those two big shiny juicy ones’ to the fruitivendolo!

    1. maryshoobridge Post author

      Hi Bev. We have not really tried the local pizzas, other than the lovely pizza bread from our local artisan baker and the tiny pizzettas in the local bar. But will report back when we have tried something more substantial. M xx

      Sent from my iPad


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